Pubblicato il 22/11/2020

Solidaridad Obrera – Enseñanza

The 1,117 reinforcement teachers hired this September, to try to make Madrid society believe that measures were being taken to control the expansion of the Covid -19 pandemic in the classrooms could be fired when the Christmas holidays arrive This past Thursday, the Minister of Education (CAM), Enrique Ossorio, stated that the hiring of said teachers "was to compensate for possible shortcomings from the previous year (...) as the commitment was until the first quarter, these contracts end on December 22." From Solidaridad Obrera we consider these dismissals , which were already programmed by the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid , absolutely irrational, antisocial and arbitrary. The colleagues, who have been hired to reinforce the workforce at the beginning of the course, are doing a commendable job in the centers, at an extremely delicate time for public education. We are in a situation of absolute degradation of the public education service , in which we are working, at the gates of winter, with all the windows and doors open, because there are no air filtering or ventilation mechanisms in the educational centers, and they don ́t expected. In addition, the school contacts of sick students are not being traced, with the pilgrim and unrealistic argument that at school they do not have to remove their masks or interact within a meter and a half. And the templates are absolutely overwhelmed, having to attend after their working hours to students who are at home because they are receiving a blended education or because they are in quarantine. The work continuity of the companions of reinforcement is absolutely essential for the maintenance of a minimal and degraded educational activity like the current one. Without them and them the attention to the students will suffer enormously. In fact, at the beginning of the year many more reinforcement teachers had to be hired. The Ministry wants to fire them to save their salaries during the Christmas holidays, but they know that they will have to hire them again later, creating enormous dysfunctions in the teaching practice and in the lives of the students, by not being able to assign them to the same groups and centers where they started in September. For all this, from Solidaridad Obrera, we demand : -No dismissal of teaching staff. -More hiring of reinforcement personnel for the educational system. -Reinforcements also in the cleaning and service personnel of the centers. -HEPA filters and CO2 meters in all classrooms .